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                                     Participate in a Mobile Broadband Performance Study!


Do you have an Android phone? 


Help researchers at the Lagos Business School (Nigeria) in collaboration with Research ICT Africa (South Africa) learn more about mobile broadband performance and data usage by Nigerians.  

You can download the My Speed Test app by clicking on the link: My Speed Test App  or by downloading it from Google play store to check your broadband speed, latency, data usage and trace routes.

As a volunteer participant, you will be expected to run the measurements at least 10 times weekly and not more than 3 tests daily. Measurements will be recorded over the period from June to September, 2017. 

There will be three (3) smart phones to be won for the most active testers, based on the number of tests.

So, fill out the participant’s details below and start testing immediately. Good luck! 

*Aggregated tests results will be used by researchers to understand what the reasons for poor quality of broadband service are and to make technical and policy recommendations on how to improve broadband speed and latency.

*Note: data usage of the app itself is minimal. All data collected is anonymised and only aggregated data is published. 


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